A Typical Day of Camp


Morning Workout

We start with the hardest workout of the day. After a thorough warmup, staff explain the workout and its specific purpose. Running groups are lead by experienced staff to insure proper pacing and intensity. Grass and dirt trails are our preferred training surfaces.

Breakfast and Morning Rituals

Nutrition is an important part of being a successful runner. It’s important to us that nutritious, high-quality food is provided at each meal. After breakfast, runners shower, clean their rooms and prepare to attend camp chapel and listen to the first lecturer of the day.



In the Afternoon

After lunch is a scheduled rest time which, as the week progresses, swiftly becomes a favorite. This is followed by a period of cross training which is geared toward learning valuable drills to improve strength, coordination, and form. Ultimate Frisbee teams compete against each other in a round robin style tournament before dinner.


Dinner is followed by a lengthy free time before our evening session. The topic and format of the evening session varies from day to day and can be anything from a running related video, hearing from a special guest, or, on the final evening, a movie and teams compete against each other in games and trivia. Before lights out each night, small groups meet with their designated huddle leader and the day is reviewed and discussed.



Other Aspects of Camp

There are so many other things that are included in a week of camp - injury prevention, summer training plans, sports psychology, strength training, team building, and trail running to just name a few. The quality of our staff and the broad learning opportunities provided for each camper make this an extremely valuable and unique training camp.

Are you a coach or team parent that would like to learn more about bringing a team or group to camp? Visit our Coach Information page.

Our camp in action

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