Information for coaches

As a coach, we view you as the most important part of a team. We want to help you and your team achieve your goals by providing a high quality training camp that helps you as you work to transform your athletes into self-motivated, consistent, knowledgeable, injury free runners.

A Message from Camp Director Drew Ryun and Olympian Ryan Hall:


Hi, I’m Becca, your Camp Coordinator

XC and Track Coaches are busy people with a ton on their plates - especially in the spring when it’s time to plan for a team camp! My Job is to take care of ALL the details for you. I can provide you with ready to present information for parents, scholarship information, and proven fundraising ideas, You can send parents directly to me if they have any questions. You can also put me in touch with your team parent and we can completely take care of the planning process for you. Don’t have an active team parent who’s good at organizing everyone? I’m here to be that person for you. Just put me in touch with your team and I’ll take it from there!

Give me a call or send me an email and we can get started!

(817) 458-8314

What we do

For your athletes:

  • Elite style training methodologies

  • Mental preparation for best performance

  • How nutrition fuels great performances

  • Practical steps for injury prevention

  • Strength training and the importance of it

  • Team building

  • Exposure to elite runners

  • Team discount for 5 or more

  • Full scholarships for those that can’t afford camp


For you:

  • Private room

  • Meals.

  • Access to every lecture and workout

  • Full supervision of your athletes at all times by our staff

  • Help with planning and organizing your team



  • If you are bringing 5 or more athletes they qualify for the Team Discount which is $725 per person.

  • For coaches attending with fewer than 7 athletes, the cost is $350

  • Coaches attending with 7 or more athletes, attend for free! This includes lodging and meals.

  • Coaches attending with 10 or more athletes, attend for free and a team parent may attend for free.

  • Full scholarship available!

    Signing up

  • Individual athletes can sign up on their own using your team name and reserve a place by paying a $150 deposit or by paying the full amount.

  • If you would like to reserve a spot for you and your team but need time for fundraising email Becca ( and we’ll set it up!

  • If your school, booster club, or an individual donor is paying for camp, email Becca ( for details and invoicing.

  • If you have received a donation that lowers the cost of camp for each athlete, or you have an athlete in need of a scholarship email Becca (


2020 Camp dates coming soon!