If you find you have a packing question that is not answered in the information below, email becca@running.camp.

Release Forms

Print off, fill out, and bring your forms with you to check in on the first day of camp. We must have these forms in hand or camp participation will be suspended until they are received. Worried about you or your camper forgetting or loosing them? You can email a completed copy to becca@running.camp.


Campers will be very active several times a day, so you'll want to be sure you pack enough workout clothes. Activities on a typical day include a morning workout, cross training, and Ultimate Frisbee.  Time to shower will be scheduled in twice a day and most likely (depending on the activity they’ve just participated in) they will be mandatory. In addition to workout clothes pack comfortable, casual clothes for other activities (lecture periods, free time, etc.), a fleece top or jacket (mornings, evenings, and lecture halls can be cool), and something to swim in in case the pool is available to us for cross training. Please no bikinis or speedos.

Running Shoes

You can make it through the week just fine with one pair of good running shoes however, it is nice to have two pairs. For example, should your shoes get soaked by morning dew on a run, it's nice to let them dry out for the day and have another pair that you can switch to. You will not need track or cross country spikes.

This hardly requires an explanation. You will frequently be reminded to stay hydrated!

Water Bottle

Bringing snacks is NOT required. We will have excellent meals throughout the week, however, if your camper tends to suffer from low blood sugar or if you know that they frequently eat something mid afternoon or before bed, we recommend bringing along your favorite bars or other healthy snacks. Food in the dorms is frowned upon, so please only bring individually packaged snacks and avoid open containers/bags,


Small bag/backpack

This is also optional, however, at various times they will be carrying around with them their water bottle, a dry shirt, jacket, notebook for lectures and any snacks they choose to bring.


For taking lecture and training notes.

Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.


All medications, whether prescription or over the counter, will need to be listed on the Camp release forms and placed in a ziploc bag with the Camper's name and written on the outside and written instructions inside enclosed in the bag. All medications must be handed in at check-in on the first day. Your child's counselor will safeguard their medications and dispense them according to the written directions from the parent or guardian. Rescue inhalers and EpiPens do not need to be handed in, however, we do ask that if their asthma or allergy is severe that they have their inhaler or Epipen with them at all times and provide a second rescue inhaler or EpiPen for your child's counselor to keep with them in case of an emergency.



Campers are expected to show respect to all staff, other Campers and the university's property. This means you'll want to pay attention to the instructions given by staff, obey Camp rules, be pleasant to your fellow Campers and refrain from using foul language. 

A Brief Note on What Not to Pack

We ask that you leave handheld gaming devices at home, and any other electronics that could prove to be a distraction while at camp. Cell phones are permitted but we will require that they stay in your room and that you keep your cell phone usage to a minimum as a courtesy to your roommate. In addition, there are several obvious things that are absolutely not allowed, including weapons, alcohol and drugs.