Who We Are.


We Rise

This is the essence of The Running Co-Op.  We all come from diverse backgrounds. We all have different stories, but fundamentally we are the same. We have all fallen, experienced what it means to rise and desire to share that hope with the world.

Throughout our lives we searched for true meaning, belonging, and love.  Most of us did this through the great sport of running.  Time and time again, we all tasted setback and suffering. Even worse, we experienced success, with emptiness and unmet longing.  We began to see that brokenness was not just around us, it was within us.  Pride, selfishness, jealousy and anger were the world’s problems, because they were our problems. This left us broken.  

But that is not where the story ends.

In the midst of despair we began to see clearly. As the great epics reveal, it is when we fall that we are most able to see who we are and how to get back up. The irony is that we realized the process could not be done in our own strength.  Each of us in this group all went through a different process, but we all arrived on the same path. We came to learn about the true story of Jesus Christ. He came to show the world that we are in fact made for a purpose, and that purpose is a relationship with the author of life.  In His story we found, and are finding,  true meaning, belonging and love. 

“Throughout our lives we searched for true meaning, belonging, and love.  Most of us did this through the great sport of running.”


There is a lot of misunderstanding, and sometimes hurt that surrounds the name of Jesus. We acknowledge that, but the story we have come to know is one of a hero sacrificing Himself for humanity.  We came to see the solution for our longing not in trying harder, looking better, or running faster. Rather, it was acknowledging our brokenness, and coming into a relationship with the one, who through the power of sacrificial love, conquered brokenness and death.  The beautiful part about this, is that within this transformation, we are most free to enjoy the sport of running, 

He died for us, but He has risen, and because of that we rise.

Naturally, we want to bring this hope to others. We are a co-operative, a joint enterprise of diverse people united to meet the common human needs of relationship, meaning and identity.  Our desire is to do this within the incredible sport of running. 

We are a running clinic experience that is designed to discuss what it means to be the complete runner in mind, body, soul and spirit. At the Running Co-Operative you will get the chance to hear from some of the nation’s top technical experts in their fields: coaches, exercise physiologists, sports psychologists, physical therapists, kinesiologists, and strength coaches. You will get to hear from us, real athletes who have competed at every level of the sport. You will also get the chance to meet others like yourself who are on the journey of learning how to rise.

 We want to invite you to join us on this journey, no matter your background or where you are currently in life.We are not a religious organization.We are simply passionate about what God has done in our lives and for this sport.

The Team at the Running Co-Operative 

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